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At iSplendid, we believe in putting in the best of our efforts to provide perfectly crafted projects based on the client’s requirements and needs. Our team of professional developers currently makes up one of the leading self-hosted developing platforms in the market. Not only do we provide our customers with easily alterable open source applications, we also pay special attention to the overall theme and appearance of the WordPress websites we create. We resolutely design each website according the essence of the organization itself which helps us create something which depicts exactly what the client had in mind. And if not, we are readily available for any changes the client requests for.
When it comes to website development, we specialize in the services listed below:
• Theme Development
• Plugin Development
• Server Migrations
• Server Installation

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Whether you are entrepreneur who wants to put your products out online to reach a larger audience or a digital marketer who wants to boost your client’s marketing, our company is the development platform for you. In the current technological race, we are sure all clients understand the importance of reaching out to their potential customers or target audience through specifically crafted web content. Due to this new marketing dimension, companies, entrepreneurs and small business holders have to face a number of challenges in order to make sure they are effectively putting their products or services out there.
We fully understand the significance of online marketing along with the understanding of the growing needs of the online market. We know what the potential customers want, what type of design and content would seek their attention and what would compel them to get in touch with our clients. So now, instead of being constantly concerned about the your online target market, put your trust in our ability to specially design for you a WordPress site that would enable you to grow your business in no time. Allow us to assist you in taking your business to a whole new level!

What we at iSplended promise to deliver!

• Expert Hand Picked Developers with Years of Experience
Our core team of web developers consists of some of the most expert developers in the market. Not only do they have full experience in their field, they also have the ability to create something innovative for each of our clients.

• Technological Consultation
Our R&D center is constantly monitoring, researching, and incorporating new tools and frameworks in the development process so you can leverage the newest and most effective technologies into your business model.

• Expertly Designed Applications based on the Client’s Vision
We believe in satisfying our clients when it comes to all of our services. Not only do we do our research on each project to create the perfect and most suitable WordPress sites, we always welcome all kinds of feedback from our respected clients and thus, make sure we deliver to them exactly what they want.

• Efficient Responses and Project Deliverance Speed
We firmly follow our deadlines and deliver our projects on time. With our detailed work schedule, we make sure we deliver the project exactly when it was decided. Along with that, we are always available at all hours thus our client’s can reach us when they need to without any delay in responses from our side.

• Affordable and Fair Project Pricing Policy
Our client’s ease and satisfaction has always been our priority which is why we provide the best work in the market at exceptionally fair and reasonable prices. Each of our services cost prove to be quite economic for our client as they are regularly updated according to market prices.