Small Business accounting
Software that takes your
business to next level


Doing sales on cash or credit? No problem! Splendid Accounts can accommodate all types of sale transactions & compute any sale data you input.


Create & share quotations via email with customers or prospects in a minute to increase your sales.


Never miss your delivery dates anymore, it helps you to control your orders and deliveries easily.


Delivering the goods at the right time is a key factor in success of a business.


Creating a beautiful and professional-looking invoice is easy in Splendid Accounts.

Sales Return

Accepts customer sales return and keep your inventory and receivables updated.

Customer Refund

Adds refund against any customer either unallocated or allocated with any invoice.

Receive Money

Accepts cash, cheque, direct deposit & bank drafts from customers to settle the invoices.

Sales Tax Ready

Don’t worry about your sales tax calculations, our accounting software will do this for you.


You can easily handle any purchase transaction in online accounting software and inventory management solution like orders, goods receiving notes, invoices, returns, debit notes and make payment.


Create purchase order & send it to your supplier to buy goods or services with delivery dates and prices.

Good Receiving

Record goods receiving notes sent by your supplier to keep your inventory updated and available for sale.

Purchase Invoice

Record purchase invoice and setup due dates for vendor payments, record all taxes and discounts on the invoice.

Purchase Return

Record your purchases returned to the supplier and keep your inventory and payables updated automatically.

Vendor Refund

Creates refunds for vendor either unallocated or allocated with any invoice, return or payment.

Make Payment

Make payment to vendors via bank or cash to settle down purchase invoices and keep your payables updated.

Online Accounting Software

More than 90% of accounting entries will be posted automatically to online accounting software. Almost zero accounting knowledge is required to run the splendid accounts. With a preloaded chart of accounts, you can manage your books of accounts easily.


Easily record & monitor any type of expense transactions, associate with vendor profiles and keep running your business effectively.

Journal Generals

Accountants and business owners can record opening balances, create adjustment or correcting entries via journal entries.

Chart of Account

A pre-built chart of accounts help you set up a business very easily and quickly, you can also add as many accounts as required.

Debit Note

Create a debit note to reduce the supplier payment against discounts, damages, vendor refund or purchase returns.

Credit Notes

Create a credit note to reduce the customer payment against discounts, damages, or sales returns.

Bank Accounts

You can create and manage all your bank accounts to receive funds from customers and make vendor payments.

Bank Deposit

Deposit cash, cheque and other documents to your bank account from a single interface are very easy like never before.

Funds Transfer

You can share funds between any two accounts by using fund transfer feature of splendid accounts.


Splendid Account made it easy and simple to manage your inventory online. You can manage all your products, product packaging’s, services on single or multiple locations & warehouses.

Stock Movement

Transfer products from one location to another location is very simple to keep your inventory position updated.

Stock Adjustment

Handle lost or theft, expired & opening balances from a single screen in our inventory management solution.

Batch Management

Keep your inventory managed by manufacturing and expiry dates to manage it in a better way.

Multiple Packaging

Manage your inventory in multiple packaging’s, like buy-in Cartoon and sell it in boxes, dozen or even in a single piece.

Custom Attributes

Define your product custom attributes to manage your inventory system and improve the reporting.

Import/Export products

Import and export your products from an online inventory management system with a single click.


With Splendid Accounts, you can view and share interactive reports with your clients, vendors, employees, and boss – all prepared in a single click. Either you are an accountant or a business owner, you always have a full grip on your business operations and have a real-time view of the financials anytime, anywhere.