Egypt Bakery

Egypt Bakery stores has been established with the break of the millennium with the aim of being one of the top renounced companies for their ability to be ahead of the client’s need. The aim of Egypt bakery store is to avail all possible raw materials needed to produce superior quality of European bakery and pastry at the lowest cost. Egypt Bakery Admin panel aims to manage users, products and provides the complete authority to administrators to control the availability of products, their recipes, specifications, processing details, and costing details.


Key Features

  • Bilingual application
  • Manage products by categories and Brands.
  • User can Manage Notes
  • Offline Data Storage
  • Synchronization process
  • News Section
  • Product Category Brand Search
  • Product recipe
  • Product costing
  • Photo Gallery
  • Admin Panel

Technology Used

  • Angular Js
  • Node JS
  • PHP
  • Ionic
  • Cordova